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Your Language Experience

  • I’ve never learnt a foreign language
  • I learnt at school, but don't remember much
  • I learnt at school, and I am still fluent at it
  • I learnt myself
  • I’ve learnt many languages

  • Because I like the Russian Language
  • Because I would like to learn a language, why not Russian?
  • Because I want to travel in Russia
  • Because I do business with Russian-speaking countries
  • Because I work with Russian speaking people
  • Because I have a Russian girlfriend/wife/friends
  • Because I need it for my degree
  • Other

Your Expectations

  • Lots of rules and exercises
  • Teacher will sometimes speak English
  • Teacher will only speak Russian
  • There will be lots of pictures, objects
  • There will be lots of games and fun
  • There will be homework to do
  • We will listen to a CD
  • We will sing songs
  • I don't know what to expect
  • Other

  • None
  • Half hour or less
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours and more


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  • No

  • Word of mouth
  • Google
  • Leaflet
  • Other


  • £ Deposit
  • One Term
  • Full Year 10% discount

Deposits are refundable up to four weeks prior to the start of the course.

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