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Russian Language Centre provides a wide range of Russian language courses from one-to-one intensive lessons for beginners to group classes in Manchester city centre.

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We teach RUSSIAN, and not ABOUT Russian!

All of our lessons are conducted in Russian, not Russian and English, so that you are immersed in the language right from the start. You will be surprised how quickly you will get used to this and how effectively it works!

We are different from other Russian language schools because we make sure you start speaking Russian in the very first lesson. In lesson feedback reports 98% of our students found this method of learning remarkably effective! See what our students have to say:

Students Comments



My tutor was very friendly and approachable from the beginning of the first lesson. The lessons were carried out in a relaxed...Read more



When I arrived at my first lesson I was surprised to learn that no English would be spoken, unlike other language classes I have attended where...Read more

Teaching methods

Our students' ability, requirements and individual learning styles vary greatly and so do our methods of teaching. We will not assume that you know the letters of the Russian alphabet, the grammar or the best way to learn new words. We do not assume anything at all before we meet. Having met, we will work with you to agree the best method and strategy for your learning. Our experience and the information you provide give us an idea of what would work best for you. So if you need to 'survive' in Russia on a short holiday or a business trip, and you do not have time to do any homework due to family or business commitments, we can devise a suitable intensive course of at least 3 – 4 lessons per week prior to your trip. We would use the so-called "intensive method of teaching" where you learn set phrases to be able to get around, order food in a restaurant or book a taxi. You would role-play various situations, play language games to learn key vocabulary and attempt to communicate simple concepts.
On the other hand, if you're preparing for an exam at a university, we would base the learning programme on the syllabus. In this situation we would recommend that you have perhaps one or two lessons a week. We'd focus on the grammatical features that you may have found challenging in your classes or we could work on texts or practise the speaking part of the exam.
If you are novice to learning a foreign language, we offer a variety of teaching methods to suit your learning style. Based on your preferences and interests a course would be designed, learning materials agreed and regular lessons arranged. This way you will have a clear programme and be able to make steady progress.

Just to give you more specific examples of our teaching methods we use, here is list of KEY features that we have found to be fundamental to language acquirement and progression:

  • Use Russian from the very first lesson and use it ALWAYS Total immersion works because your brain switches off the ‘English’ mode and switches on the Russian speaking part of it. This feature gives you constant exposure to the language. The more you hear and speak it, the better it is for language acquisition. The so called 'Input', how much you hear of the language equates to 'output', how much you can say.
  • Discovery Use mime, pictures, gestures and any body language that will help comprehension rather than translation. We believe language acquisition takes place if you are encouraged to discover things for yourself, as it leads to better retention in the long run. 
  • Little translation can be used for low frequency words only. This is to ensure that you are not left guessing the meaning of infrequently used words for too long.
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition...  if our heads were computers which could be loaded with certain information, learning languages would be a walk in the park. However, the human brain tends to forget something that is rarely used. Therefore, repetition signals the brain that this word or phrase is important and needs to be retained for future use. 
  • Encourage learner’s autonomy In Russian we have a saying “Даже птицы, высидев и выкормив птенцов, учат их летать”. ‘Even birds having sat on the eggs and fed the chicks, teach the chicks to fly’. That is to say you won't always have a teacher by your side. We encourage you to use the context and your intuition to make an educated guess where you don't know a word or a sentence. These skills will always be with you and you will never stop using them. 
  • Create friendly, warm comfortable environment Research has shown that our brain works better if there's no tension in the body. It doesn't mean to say you should be half asleep but certainly not uncomfortable. We realise the importance of this and try to create the environment in which you will feel relaxed and happy.
  • Encourage mistakes Some polyglots (people who speak many languages) say that in order to learn a foreign language they make 100 mistakes a day. Mistakes are good because it means you feel confident enough to make them. Some people are confident regardless of the situation, others are confident when they feel at ease in a small group of familiar faces and in a non-judgemental environment. 
  • Motivate We will only teach what's interesting to you. Anything that is relevant to your situation and language requirements will be relevant and will motivate you. This is why it is important to understand your requirements when we first meet. Of course we aim motivate you with our enthusiasm and desire to see you progress, but the best students are self motivated!


Most of our teachers are native Russian language speakers. However, we do have non-native teachers some of whom have lived in former soviet states who are remarkably talented and have succeeded in learning Russian themselves. They're familiar with all the ins and outs of the language. They'll share the secret of how to speak and understand Russian with you.

You will find that our teachers are far from accepted image of a language teacher of your former school days. They're quite the opposite – fun, supportive, easy-going but at the same time very professional and knowledgeable.

What makes our teachers different?

There are many Russian teachers in the UK but very few excellent teachers. At the Russian Language Centre we always look for the best. Here are the qualities we that we demand of our teachers and this is why they are so special:

  • Are qualified and experienced
  • Make the course interesting
  • Teach good pronunciation
  • Explain clearly
  • Speak good Russian
  • Show interest in every student
  • Are fair to every student
  • Make every student participate
  • Show great patience and diplomacy
  • Possess excellent organisational skills
  • Are easy-going and friendly

CRB checked

All our tutors are CRB checked. This is especially, if you're looking for Russian language lessons for your children.

Range of courses

We provide a wide range of courses to suit your needs. For busy individuals with hectic timetables we provide one-to-one courses. These can be booked on an ‘as-you-go’ basis or at an agreed time and day each week. With the one-to-ones you'll have an option to choose exactly what you would like to learn and at what pace you would like learn it. You will be able to choose a location and the learning materials to suit your requirements.

Those who like to study in a group can choose the option of group lessons that take place in Manchester city centre. Learning in a group helps you measure your progress against other students in the class. It makes you more disciplined, and it helps you to meet new friends with a common interest. Learning in a group is a good fun and helps you to stay motivated!

Skype Lessons

Skype lessons are excellent for distance learning and for extremely busy people. These can be arranged at your convenience. You won't need to fight traffic or worry about being in a certain place at a certain time. You can have Skype lessons from anywhere. We provide Skype lessons to students at Oxford University and believe it or not, to people living in Russia.

Payment methods

We accept the following methods of payment: Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal, Cheques, Cash and Bank Transfer.


Our one-to-one lessons are held in various parts of Greater Manchester; Oldham, Altrincham, Manchester City Centre and Trafford just to name the few.
Group courses are held in Manchester city centre at
Friends Meeting House
6 Mount St
M2 5NS

Learning materials

When we say ‘Learning Materials’ at the Russian Language Centre we don't just mean books and dictionaries, but a whole array of tools that will help you to grasp the language. In our centre we use; Video, Audio, Flash Cards, Talking Dice, Realia Objects (Real Life Objects), News Articles, Songs, Quizzes, Games, Tests and many more. Most of the learning materials used by us are available for purchase in our Shop.

If you have further questions about any of our courses or activities, please, do not hesitate to contact us or request a call back. We will be happy to assist you.


  • Olga has been an amazing support over the past few years. She is a fantastic teacher – keen, engaging, open-minded and always happy to help. Olga and I worked intensively together in the months leading up to my exam. She went above and beyond to ensure that she understood my topic and could help me express my ideas properly in Russian. She read my entire dissertation, watched the primary sources and by the end knew just as much as me about my topic. We wrote a speech together, which I would give in the exam, and then we practiced the conversation that would ensue. Olga didn’t only focus on my language, but also helped me improve my pronunciation, stress and even my public speaking. Read more Cecely R, Cambridge University
  • Olga has been coaching my daughter helping her to prepare for Russian Language GCSE exam at Loreto Grammar school in Altrincham. I must admit that my daughter has thoroughly enjoyed Olga’s lessons, was motivated all the way through and passed all her exams with flying colours, achieving the highest mark (an A*). All the tasks and activities set out by Olga, has given Anastasia an opportunity to learn the language in an enjoyable and productive way. I believe that Olga's excellent command of the subject and her ability to address the needs of each of her students makes her an outstanding professional in the field of teaching. Being very organised and always striving for something extra, makes Olga a tutor who is always able to maintain high standards of language learning. Read more Natalya K, Loreto Grammar
  • My tutor was very friendly and approachable from the beginning of the first lesson. The lessons were carried out in a relaxed yet organized manner allowing me to feel comfortable throughout the lesson. She did not over correct me and instilled confidence when I answered a question correctly. I realize now that it is more important to have a go at speaking and not to think about making mistakes too much. Read more Richard, Altrincham
  • When I arrived at my first lesson I was surprised to learn that no English would be spoken, unlike other language classes I have attended where instructions for tasks were given in English. The first five minutes were confusing and required the most concentration as I got to grips with not only hearing Russian but also seeing how it was written. After the initial confusion I was surprised at how easy it was to follow the lesson and work out what I should be doing. The hardest part was trying to understand the Russian alphabet but that got easier as the lesson went on. By the end of the first lesson I was able to pronounce vocabulary correctly and I could read some words. I absolutely LOVED it!!! Read more Emma, Altrincham
  • I enjoyed being able to practice what we had learnt with other members of the class. I noticed that when we went for a break at the end of lesson all the class were still attempting to practice the Russian they had learnt with one another. I really enjoyed the lesson and was pleased to have learnt some basic vocabulary and phrases that would be understood by a native Russian speaker. Read more Alex, Manchester
  • I had previously learned Spanish to GCSE level, and a little German, and so, I was looking forward to the first session of Russian. To begin with I had some difficulty pronouncing certain sounds because the stress and intonation was different from English. After a while, I felt quite comfortable with this, thanks to the patience of my teacher. Read more Andy, Cheshire
  • The teacher introduced the written form of the language to me and this is the point where thought I’d encounter some difficulty. This is because in my previous foreign language learning, the alphabets were similar to the English alphabet. In the Russian alphabet there are many phonetic and visual differences. However, I was amazed how quickly it became clear and more interesting once an element of explanation was introduced. The sounds became more understandable, clear and functional. Read more Abaha, Manchester
  • Teacher’s performance in front of the class was impressive she began speaking to the group in Russian, no English, which was a surprise. She spoke well and her use of exaggerated body language and mime helped to convey meaning. Soon we were all able to understand the basics of the lesson and we all began to respond in Russian. Amazing, I would not have believed it was possible Read more Mark, Cheshire
  • At the beginning we were a bit nervous, because we didn’t know what to expect. The tutor though was able to calm our nerves and draw us into participating into the lesson; this was done, through good use of body language and building up a rapport with myself and that of my fellow students. As we got to know not only the tutor but also each other a little more, people became more eager to practice the vocabulary. One activity that really brought us as a group together was when we had a socialising activity. Everybody had to introduce themselves in Russian, shake hands and smile. This put people at ease and helped the group interact well with each other; it also helped with the other activities that we carried out in pairs and small groups. Read more Amy, Manchester

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