Welcome to Russian Language Centre Ltd, Manchester

Russian Language Centre Ltd is a professional institution based in the heart of Manchester specialising in Russian language teaching and cultural & business support services. We are a group of professional teachers living and working in the UK and in Russia. We offer outstanding Russian language courses in and around Manchester as well as online. We also provide in-company training across the UK. 

Russian Language Centre Ltd was founded in 2009 and is now recognised as a leading national provider of Russian language related services. We are also active on the Russian social scene with over 400 members in our social club “Manchester Russian Language Enthusiasts”.

Our core business is Russian language tuition and we pride ourselves in being able to offer a range of learning opportunities from group courses and one-to-one lessons to in-company training and bespoke learning and support packages. We offer GCSE/A level Russian teacher-examiners in the UK.

We teach a wide range of students from industry professionals, police, Home Office, MoD to the children of Russian-speaking parents now living in the UK. Some of our students come to us because they learnt Russian years ago and want to brush up their skills; others because they are planning to take GCSE/A level Russian examinations. Whatever your requirements are, we can guarantee that all of our tutors are both teaching professionals and dedicated people.

You will find our teachers friendly, supportive and committed to your learning requirements and aspirations. You should choose to learn Russian with us because our years of experience in this area have enabled us to develop learning programmes that truly work. In addition, we have created a welcoming environment through our social club that provides an opportunity for you to practise what you have learnt in classes.

If you you’re not sure which course to choose or want more information about the learning package we could create for you, please request a call back, we will be happy to chat with you about your best way forward!

What our students say
  • “My tutor was very friendly and approachable from the beginning of the first lesson. The lessons were carried out in a relaxed yet organized manner allowing me to feel comfortable throughout the lesson. She did not over correct me and instilled confidence when I answered a question correctly. I realize now that it is more important to have a go at speaking and not to think about making mistakes too much.”
    Richard, Altrincham
  • “I enjoyed being able to practice what we had learnt with other members of the class. I noticed that when we went for a break at the end of lesson all the class were still attempting to practice the Russian they had learnt with one another. I really enjoyed the lesson and was pleased to have learnt some basic vocabulary and phrases that would be understood by a native Russian speaker.”
    Alex, Manchester
  • “I had previously learned Spanish to GCSE level, and a little German, and so, I was looking forward to the first session of Russian. To begin with I had some difficulty pronouncing certain sounds because the stress and intonation was different from English. After a while, I felt quite comfortable with this, thanks to the patience of my teacher.”
    Andy, Cheshire
  • “The teacher introduced the written form of the language to me and this is the point where thought I’d encounter some difficulty. This is because in my previous foreign language learning, the alphabets were similar to the English alphabet. In the Russian alphabet there are many phonetic and visual differences. However, I was amazed how quickly it became clear and more interesting once an element of explanation was introduced. The sounds became more understandable, clear and functional.”
    Abaha, Manchester
  • “Teacher’s performance in front of the class was impressive she began speaking to the group in Russian, no English, which was a surprise. She spoke well and her use of exaggerated body language and mime helped to convey meaning. Soon we were all able to understand the basics of the lesson and we all began to respond in Russian. Amazing, I would not have believed it was possible.”
    Cecely R, Cambridge University
Social Club

“Russian Language Enthusiasts” club is a great way to make new friends and practise your Russian language skills in an informal setting.

We organise regular meet-ups including walks, get togethers in bars and restaurants, BBQs and camping. Please, have a look at a few of our event videos on the Social Club page. Come and join!

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