GCSE/A level Russian latest update 2021

Just a quick update to keep you in the loop with the latest round up of information that we have on GCSE/A level Russian exams in 2021 Summer series. This has been posted on our social media sites. Find us on Facebook and Instagram. 
It’s been another extraordinary week for Summer 2021 Exams Updates! We have seen the cancellation  of Pearson Edexcel exams, plus Ofqual stating that they are looking at alternative arrangements to exams in the UK.
Are there anymore Summer 2021 Exams Updates? Yes there are. Ofqual have announced via Twitter that the outcomes of the joint DfE/Ofqual Consultation  will be released week commencing 22nd February 2021.
What does this mean for us? It means that we have to wait up to three weeks before we can give you any sort of detail around grading and the exam process for GCSE/A level Russian Candidates.
We do appreciate that this can add to already heightened emotions. You will all no doubt be asking why the consultation outcome is due to be announced post Awarding Body Deadline dates? Well, the response is quite straightforward. The consultation received over 100,000 responses. The DfE and Ofqual want to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and will be looking in depth to the responses. They have asked all the Awarding Bodies to “be flexible” with their entry deadline dates. Pearson Edexcel have confirmed that their deadline for Private Candidate entries has been extended.
We are pleased to confirm that GCSE/A level exam entry deadline has been extended to the 1st March 2021 to give the opportunity to make an informed decision. However, we must make it clear that if you don’t have an entry with an exam centre or school, you will not be able to get any kind of grade.
Our examining partners “Tutors and Exams” are actively engaged with the Awarding Bodies, DfE and Ofqual to ensure that a robust and fair process is available to our Private Candidates. We will have further Summer 2021 Exams updates very soon.
Please continue to follow our social media feeds @RussianLanguageCentre and your learner portals to get the very latest information.
To ensure you are in the best possible position for the release of the consultation outcomes; do not stop learning Russian!!! Please continue with your studies as if exams were continuing.
We look forward to giving you more Summer 2021 Exams updates soon!
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