Russian Cursive is NOT a curse!


Russian Cursive is NOT a curse!

Russian cursive is the handwritten form of the Russian block capitals. YES! Russians use it widely. YES! They teach this way of writing in schools. NO! Not all Russians understand everything that’s written by their comrades. 

It looks scary mainly thanks to countless jokes about it on the internet. However, most learners of Russian report, that Russian cursive was surprisingly easy to learn; it took them just a handful of lessons. 

How some famous Russians wrote

You may be familiar with a famous Russian poet – Alexander Pushkin. Many Russian cities, restaurants, streets, food and squares are named after him. He’s like a Russian Shakespeare. In the illustration you can see his почерк (handwriting). Looks beautiful, but I promise you, not many Russians will be able to easily read it.






And this one is the handwriting of the Master of Darkest human thoughts, the author of epic ‘Crime and Punishment’ – Fyodor Dostoevsky himself! I honestly don’t know who was able to read this… Well actually, his wife played a part in archiving his manuscripts, she probably did read every page of it with love and affection.






Last, but not least is Mr Putin’s handwriting. He complains that he sometimes can’t read his own writing. («Царапал, царапал — не всегда могу разобрать, что нацарапал», — говорит Путин.) “I’ve been scribbling and scribbling, can’t read what I’ve scribbled…” said Putin in one of the meetings of Russian Union of Industrialists and Manufacturers Read full article



So, as you can see, you won’t be the only one in the world who is overwhelmed by the Russian cursive. We love it though, because it looks cultured, educated, proper. It shows you had proper tuition, and you can relate to Pushkin, Dostoevsky and Putin… you can share the pain of millions!

Video lesson

Below is a video showing how to write cursive Russian. All you need to do is watch it, then copy each letter onto paper (use a pause button). Then practise cursive by converting any printed text into cursive. Show your teacher! Make her proud!!

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How to learn the Russian alphabet fast?


How to learn the Russian alphabet fast?

So you’ve decided to learn Russian! That’s great! The first logical step is to learn the Russian alphabet. There’re many videos on YouTube that can help you, many online resources with wealth of information. But how can yo actually memorise the alphabet quickly?

A very effective way, many find, is to use associations and pictures. 

Here how it works


Russian Alphabet Overview

The Russian alphabet is called the Cyrillic alphabet. That’s its official name. It contains 33 letters in total, of which

  • 5 letters are the same as in English.
  • 6 letters are similar in the Greek alphabet.
  • 6 letters are also used in English, written exactly the same, but pronounced in an entirely different way. These are the so-called “false friends”.
  • 16 letters are really Russian. 2 of these letters don’t produce a sound of their own.

True Friends

Out of 33 letters, you already know 5! They’re t, m, o, a, k. You can remember these letters by memorising a sentence: The man orders a kiwi.

It’s just one short sentence! The man orders a kiwi. Have you ever ordered a kiwi? I haven’t.

Now, imagine a guy who really likes kiwi, he goes to a Russian restaurant and orders one… . This is quite strange!? But I bet you will remember these 5 letters next year if someone asks you about it. The man orders a kiwi.

False Friends 

These are so-called “false friends”. There’re 12 of them. They’re already very familiar to you because they exist in the English language.

Russian letter р   r as in tennis racket

This is the first false friend that we will see. It looks like our p, but it is pronounced not the same. It’s pronounced like R but more “rolling” than in English. Imagine, the engine of your motorbike revving.

Whenever you see the р, think of a (tennis) racket. It looks like one. Russian women are world-class level in tennis. Think of Anna Kurnikova.


Russian letter е   ye as in yell

The Russian е is not pronounced like our e, but it is quite close.

Whenever you see the letter е, think of a Russian man that is yelling like crazy. The man in the picture looks like Boris Yeltsin, the former Russian president (right before Putin).


Russian letter с   s as in snake

Whenever you see the c think of a snake, with his tongue coming out of the letter.

Do you remember the letters CCCP that the Soviet Union put on the side of their space ships and on all the outfits of their sports teams? You can now impress your friends by saying that this should be pronounced sssr.


Russian letter н   n as in netball.

Whenever you see the н, think of a game of netball. It’s not a particularly popular sport in Russia. 

Imagine pretty girls playing it! Then I bet you will remember this letter! 🙂


Russian letter в   v as in very big boobs. 

It seems insane that you should think that! It’s totally inappropriate! But I can guarantee, this letter you will NOT forget now, as you can’t unsee this… 



Russian letter х   h as in ho-ho-ho

Santa is a very kind guy! He says: “Ho-ho-ho!!” But also, as you know the sign for a kiss is X just as the Russian letter which is pronounced as h. In the picture you can see Santa saying ho-ho-ho in Russian, he’s also blowing you kisses!


Russian letter у as in moose 

Imagine a moose who drank a lot of booze and now he’s in a cartoon. The Russian letter У resembles ever so slightly the English letter Y, but Russian letter is falling to one side, it’s not quite steady on the feet, bacause, remember, it’s DRUNK! Ooooh!



You already know 12 out of 33 letters. By now you can read all these words?

  1. такси
  2. диск
  3. анекдот
  4. ананас
  5. ресторан
  6. водка
  7. ветеринар
  8. ха-ха-ха
  9. ура!

New Friends

Russian letter д   d as in design

This letter looks like the Greek letter d (delta), but is not exactly the same. With some imagination you can transform the shape of this letter into a designer lamp.

I admit, the asymmetric design is a bit odd, but that is what it makes a designer lamp.


Russian letter и  ee as in eel

This is the first truly Russian letter that you encounter.  It looks like a reversed capital letter N.

Whenever you see the и think of an eel (sort of fish) that is swirled around the letter. Don’t know what an eel is? Then imagine some fish that screams “ee!”.


Russian П as in Pants

If you paid attention in Math classes, you recognise the letter п as pi.

If you’re not already familiar with this letter then you can think of pants that nicely fit the letter whenever you see this letter.




Russian letter Л as in legs

It’s like two long legs walking down the road. I can’t believe the resemblance!!



Russian letter Б as in b


It’s like an English letter b, but with a visor to keep this letter from the blasting sun! Do you like this letter? I think I rather do…



 Russian Ф as in Football 

Russia is not a football nation, however, we have such a wonderfully round and bouncy letter like  Ф! Don’t you just want to kick it, when you see it?



Russian Э as in Egg

The shape of this letter reminds me of an egg with a crack. Every time you see it ( which will be a lot), think ‘egg, egg, egg!’



Russian letter г   g as in gallows

The shape of the letter looks like a gallows. Not the most fun picture, but you will definitely remember it this way. 




  Russian З as in English cursive Z

Did you know, that the English letter Z in cursive is written exactly like the Russian З!? In fact, it looks THAT similar, that it’s hard to know which letter Z or З is in the picture.




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100 Russian Words you Already Know


100 Russian Words you Already Know

I’ve heard so many times “Russian is such a difficult language!” or “I could never learn Russian!” or “I’ll get an interpreter.” Even if you don’t speak any Russian, I bet you will recognise the words on my ‘100 Russian Words You Already Know’ list!

NB! You need to be able to “sound out” the Russian letters for this exercise. If you can’t, ask someone who can to read them out for you. Let’s go!

Places in Town

Парк, супермаркет, ресторан, бар, паб, метро, театр, музей, галлерея, полиция, клуб, стрип-клуб, дискотека, монастырь, банк, университет, киоск, ресепшн, аэропорт, туалет, офис, стадион, лифт

Clothes & footwear

Джинсы, шорты, худи, кардиган, сандали, бутсы, джемпер, пуловер, топ

Food & drink

Бургер, хот-дог, суп, макароны, банан, тост, кетчуп, майонез, соус, маффин, круассан, пицца, бекон, салат, кофе, вино, лимонад, водка, мартини, брэнди, коньяк, коктейль, портвейн

Internet & Technology

Компьютер, телефон, АйФон, АйПад, интернет, сканер, сайт, провайдер, принтер, радио, телевизор, браузер, чат, форум, юзеры

Sport & games

Теннис, футбол, волейбол, баскетбол, хоккей, бокс, бадминтон, каратэ, кёрлинг, сноуборд, гандбол, кроссворд, боулинг, бодибилдинг, дзюдо

Professions & Occupations

Директор, менеджер, президент, министр, профессор, дантист, актриса, шоумен, пилот, студент, дизайнер, имидж мейкер, фотомодель, рекрутер, инспектор

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